Kitting Service

Our Kitting Service

Kitting Service for Electronic Components:

We are offering exclusive kitting services for electronic components that can give your business improved efficiencies across administration, warehousing, and purchasing. Kitting not only decreases your in-house costs but also helps to rationalize operations and speed up the manufacturing process. Focusing on core competencies is valuable to any company and is particularly significant to the starter and rising businesses.

Kiting service

What is Kitting?

Kitting is the process of getting kits of the electronic components required to manufacture a predefined quantity of an electronic circuit board ready for the assembly line.

Our Kitting Service

We pride ourselves in offering the best-in-class electronic components kitting service which includes quality control, alternate part sourcing, co-ordination and planning of delivery, leaving you to take care of your core business while we take care of all these mundane and time consuming tasks likes sourcing suppliers, tracking orders, quality checking deliveries, dealing with errors and handling numerous invoices from multiple suppliers. 

Kiting service
Kitting Service

Our Role

We specialise in the supply chain management, working on tight deadline and planning with CEM and OEM businesses. We work with them to define their needs and carefully set milestones to meet their every demands. Acting as a single point of sourcing for all the components used on one or suite of printed circuit boards – labelled, prepared and delivered ready for manufacture on a date agreed within their production planning.

Kitting help business reduce cost

When kitting through Aria Sourcing customers can realize a saving of 25% – 30% on in-house administration. We are fully responsible for the complex task of sourcing and preparing the correct component kit that you need for production and when you need it. 

Kiting service

You can rest assured that when you use us for your kitting service we will work with you to help you streamline your production and deliver a competitive advantage. We will deliver complete, ready for your assembly line, quality controlled error-free kits that are driven by your sales saving you time and money, reduce lead times by planning delivery with your production schedules. Less administration for your company, just one purchase order and one invoice.

Whether you are planning to use or already using an assembly service, your business could benefit from receiving production line ready kits directly which in return will enable you to mitigate your business risk giving you control in the event of a crisis to switch assembly house quickly and effectively.
We work with you to source your entire bill of material saving you significant amounts of money. You only need to place one order, to benefit from a true value solution combined with reduced administration costs.

kitting from Aria Sourcing

If you are either planning to use or are currently using an assembly service, you could benefit from the added protection of receiving production line ready kits directly, giving you control in the event of a crisis to switch assembly house and mitigate disruption.

By kitting service we don’t only mean putting the kit part together, we also have a vigorous process in place that monitors the complex logistical task that involves in making sure that the correct parts are delivered to the right place at the agreed time and date. Our team component management expertise follows our process to successfully identifying correct suppliers, managing obsolescence, manage lead-time issues as well as controlling alternate part sourcing, materials inspection, device preparation and consolidated invoicing.

Benefits of kitting from Aria Sourcing -

Electronics Component Kitting

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