How to Find Obsolete Electronic Components?

Obsolete electronic components

How to Find Obsolete Electronic Components?

Having a hard time finding obsolete electronic components?

The difficulty of your search owes to the accelerating pace of technology. It’s shortening the lifespan of electronic goods. Newer and updated electronic components enter the market regularly.

It makes it harder to find end-of-life (EOL) electronic components.

There is still plenty of demand for these obsolete components. However, many suppliers in the market sell low-quality or even fake parts. Knowing how to find reliable suppliers is important.

If you’re looking for older electronic parts, read on. This guide will tell you all about obsolete parts and how to find them.

Why Is There a Need To Find Obsolete Electronic Parts?

Technicians or engineers often refurbish or maintain older equipment. The designs for these machines might be 10, 20, or even 50 years old. It means they usually include obsolete or discontinued components from long ago.

When refurbishing a machine, technicians face a common problem. They must find replacement parts for old equipment to further extend its life.

In other cases, a component in a piece of equipment may have already reached its end of life. These often result in failures.

When this happens, you can buy a one-off part instead of placing a batch order. One-off orders are also usually the only orders original manufacturers accept.

Where Can I Find Discontinued Electronic Parts or Spares?

You can find these components through the original manufacturer or a trusted distributor. If you’re wondering about the availability of an item, call them to check if they have it.

However, you must consider some factors when contacting the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The first is that they may not be very helpful when it comes to discontinued parts.

OEMs will try to upsell to make you buy their newer parts. They’ll be less willing to help you keep an obsolete component in your equipment’s design.

When you’re in this situation, search their archive of old specifications. After that, give your findings to an alternative source manufacturer.

Besides an OEM, you have lots of other sources for buying obsolete electronic components. If it’s no longer available with the OEM, turn to an alternative manufacturer.

Alternative manufacturers can often match the original manufacturer’s design. They can make a compatible interchangeable part with your current equipment.

In other cases, you can source obsolete parts from a distributor. In most cases, it comes with a large markup. Another convenient way to find suppliers is through an obsolete electronics parts finder.

For discontinued capacitors, turn to independent manufacturers. They can make interchangeable parts. Use these to replace obsolete OEM capacitors.

You can ask some manufacturers to design and make capacitors according to application requirements. It means almost any spare or replacement capacitor request will have a solution.

Tips to Find Quality Electronic Components Suppliers

You might think about how to find obsolete parts from reliable suppliers. The good news is that a lot of these reputable businesses operate across the country. You’ll find no shortage of trustworthy outlets, as long as you know where to look.

It’s especially easy if you’re a business looking for an obsolete parts supplier. Here are some tips to help find quality old parts or obsolete semiconductor suppliers:

Expand Your Online Search

Searching online is the easiest way. Use the right keywords to find reliable obsolete electronic components distributors.

Using these will help expand your search reach. You’ll find local as well as national or international suppliers.

Many B2B sourcing platforms will list these distributors. They often have strict criteria for suppliers before they can sign up. It means most of the listed suppliers are legitimate.

List Down Your Prospects

Once you find suppliers, shortlist some candidates. Visit their websites and look at their product line and customer reviews.

If it’s IC components suppliers you’re looking for, make sure they’ve been operating for a long time. You also want one with many satisfied customers.

Look for companies with global organization memberships. A good example is the Electronic Reseller’s Association International (ERAI). If your desired business is a member, you’re unlikely to deal with fraud or other sketchy business practices.

Check Adherence to Standards

Another factor is the supplier’s adherence to standards. If they do, they’re likely part of organizations like the one mentioned above.

These organizations promote standardization. Expect member suppliers to have better products or services.

Take the ISO 9001 standard. It’s one of the most respected Quality Management Systems (QMS). This standard sets guidelines to help businesses meet customer expectations.

Meanwhile, ERAI provides solutions for supply chain risk mitigation. There’s also SMTA, which helps optimize manufacturing processes.

Use Social Media To Verify

Social media can be helpful when looking for reviews. It allows you to gather social proof.

Visit your prospective suppliers’ social media pages. If they don’t have one, it may be a bad sign. It means they’re not keeping up with the times, making them less ideal business partners.

An inactive profile or a low following is also a possible bad sign. However, if they’re affiliated with IPC, reconsider your assessment. It’s a respectable association that connects electronics industries.

Meet With the Supplier

Once you’re more certain of the suppliers on your shortlist, set an appointment. A good alternative is to attend trade shows and meet suppliers in person. Before deciding to make a purchase, look at what they can offer.

Meeting with suppliers ensures you get good items at the best rates. It’s because you won’t have to go through middlemen like wholesalers.

Find Obsolete Electronic Components You Need Now

The regular updates on hardware make it more difficult to find the electric parts necessary for your industrial machines. However, you have lots of options to find reliable suppliers for obsolete electronic components.

Do your research to find good suppliers selling high-quality parts. It’s especially important if you’re a business. Your revenue depends on these components.

If you’re looking for electronic components, Aria Sourcing can help you discover better suppliers. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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