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Excess Management of Electronic Components:

We are offering excess management services that allow you to trade the spare excess electronic components that you don’t need anymore. Either you have an excess of rare electromechanical components, hard-to-find electronic components, everyday common parts, or obsolete electronic components, our team can assist you to turn your electronic excesses into currency.

The present market has made forecasting a challenge – and while forecasts change and build shifts, you might end up with an excess of electronic components. Our excess management services know how to help you to rapidly recover your capital. Only if your parts meet up industry standard, we can help you to sell your surplus inventory and clear your shelves.E

Excess management, excess electronic inventory

Excess Management of electronic components

Excess Stock – Aria Sourcing have different options for helping you resolve your excess stock issue. We will work with you to evaluate and analyse your excess stock to quickly unlock capital and free your warehouse space.

Excess Stock Purchasing

Our network of customers, suppliers and distributors are always on the look out for excess stock and various components so we will more than happy to help you clear your unwanted stock. The purpose of the Excess Management plan is to provide a unique business solution designed to assist our customers with their business financial needs in mind. We will represent your business interest and recover the maximum revenue possible from your  excess inventory electronic components to increase to your bottom line.

Excess management, excess electronic inventory
effective resolution

Quick & Effective Resolution

Alternatively we can work with you in the following two ways which are very common solutions to excess management or use a combination of both to quickly and effectively resolve your excess solution problem in a model that works for you:

Consignment stocking

We ship the electronic components to our warehouse, while you still retain ownership of the components until it’s sold. We will negotiate the best selling price for you and when we sell the components you pay us a percentage commission.

excesss stock
Excess management, excess electronic inventory


We partner with the customer and the customer keeps ownership of the excess stock until it’s sold but the excess stock is transferred to Aria Sourcing warehouse until sold to free up then customer warehouse space. Aria Sourcing will pay all the costs involved in moving your stock, as well as insurance cover. As you retain the full title over the stock until sold, you can use any unsold goods at any time.  

Virtual Consignment – We list your excess stock on various platforms and you keep the stock in your warehouse until it’s sold.

Lot purchasing: We purchase the components from you, which frees up warehouse and gives you an immediate cash return.

Is Your Excess electronic Components stock causing you headache? We can help!

We have years of experience in electronic component resale, so if you are looking at clearing your warehouse of excess stock or to sell electronic components look no further we have your best interest in mind and will find you the best buyer at the best price.

Even though your surplus stock may not hold great commercial value to your organisation, we can help you release equity in your redundant components. We will access your stock and work with you to design a tailor made solution to efficiently manage your stock and generate the best return possible.

Excess electronics parts stock ties up your capital and consume valuable space in your warehouse. What ever the reasons that causes you to have excess stock we can help you turning those unwanted electronics components back cash.

Do you have excess inventory of electronic parts you want to turn into cash? Aria Sourcing Excess Management team of specialist in customization solutions for your unwanted ,obsolete semiconductors and excess electronic inventory are here to help you get the best return. Our purchasing team maximizes your return on your excess inventory that is a liability to your cash flow. Whether it’s a single line item, or an entire production run, we will work with you to creates a program that fits your companies needs.

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