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      Crystal Oscillator

      Your Crystal Oscillator Sourcing Partner

      You can rest assured that when you use us for your kitting service we will work with you to help you streamline your production and deliver a competitive advantage. We will deliver complete, ready for your assembly line, quality controlled error-free kits that are driven by your sales saving you time and money, reduce lead times by planning delivery with your production schedules. Less administration for your company, just one purchase order and one invoice.
      Crystal Oscillator

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      Our Broker Service for Crystal Oscillator

      We aim to add value to our clients by offering an absolute resolution of frequency modules and devices, design-in service to completely satisfy the different requirements of the respected customers. We consider based on the proficiency of, quality, lead-time, cost-effectiveness, and customer service.


      We Can Help You

      As your Crystal Oscillators sourcing partner we can help you locate stock for hard to find crystal oscillator or work with you to reduce your components costs, you can rely on our global sourcing team to safely negotiate the pitfalls of leveraging worldwide component inventory.

      Crystal Oscillator
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      Network of Suppliers

      For decades we have built a network of suppliers from manufacturers, distributors, OEM and EMS companies, so you can rest assure we can help you locate that crystal  Oscillators as the best price possible.

      Consistent Sourcing Service

      Our team can provide a quick and consistent Crystal Oscillator sourcing service for long lead-time, hard-to-find and obsolete electronic components. 


      Kitting Service for Crystal Oscillator

      Our Kitting service for Crystal Oscillators will help you business run smoothly as we will work with you to ensure the predefined quantities of  Crystal Oscillators are delivered on time according to you manufacturing assembly plan.


      Our Kitting Service – we pride ourselves in offering the best-in-class kitting service which includes quality control, alternate part sourcing, co-ordination and planning of delivery, leaving you to take care of your core business while we take care of all these mundane and time consuming tasks likes sourcing suppliers, tracking orders, quality checking deliveries, dealing with errors and handling numerous invoices from multiple suppliers. 

      Our Role – we specialize in the supply chain management, working on tight deadline and planning with CEM and OEM businesses. We work with them to define their needs and carefully set milestones to meet their every demands. Acting as a single point of sourcing for all the components used on one or suite of printed circuit boards – labelled, prepared and delivered ready for manufacture on a date agreed within their production planning.

      Kitting help business reduce cost

      When kitting through Aria Sourcing customers can realize a saving of 25% – 30% on in-house administration. We are fully responsible for the complex task of sourcing and preparing the correct component kit that you need for production and when you need it. 

      Whether you are planning to use or already using an assembly service, your business could benefit from receiving production line ready kits directly which in return will enable you to mitigate your business risk giving you control in the event of a crisis to switch assembly house quickly and effectively.
      We work with you to source your entire bill of material saving you significant amounts of money. You only need to place one order, to benefit from a true value solution combined with reduced administration costs.

      Benefits of kitting from Aria Sourcing - Oscillator Kitting

      Oscillator Kitting

      Electronic Kitting Service


      If you are either planning to use or are currently using an assembly service, you could benefit from the added protection of receiving production line ready kits directly, giving you control in the event of a crisis to switch assembly house and mitigate disruption.


      We work with you to fully understand your business needs and we will tailor a component kitting service that will meet all your company individual requirements and business needs. Our team will work as a virtual extension of your team to proactively monitor and manage products life cycle to reduce any potential threats that would affect your production line.

      Crystal Oscillator
      Crystal Oscillator

      Vigorous Process

      By kitting we don’t only mean putting the kit part together, we also have a vigorous process in place that monitors the complex logistical task that involves in making sure that the correct parts are delivered to the right place at the agreed time and date. Our team component management expertise follows our process to successfully identifying correct suppliers, managing obsolescence, manage lead-time issues as well as controlling alternate part sourcing, materials inspection, device preparation and consolidated invoicing.

      Frequently asked questions


      Quartz crystals depend on the piezoelectric outcome to function. It is based on a quartz resonator layered by an electrode on both sides after that mounted in a sealed holder. The function of an outside AC voltage toward these electrodes gives rise to mechanical vibration.

      It is the capacitance of an oscillator circuit as offered to the quartz crystal resonator. The most ordinary kind of crystal is similar resonant somewhere the crystal functions at a frequency higher than its sequence resonant frequency.

      Why not?! Say for instance a crystal is specified above –10 to +60°C it is going to perform with no issue above –40 to +85°C. However it might drop outside its particular stability. It may possibly not matter if the application requires only a steady frequency other than an exact frequency.

      For quartz crystals think about the HC49/4HSMX and for oscillators (SPXO’s). Take a look at the CFPS-72/73 series. For any other products consult our help team as this can be dependant on performance.

      The fundamental crystal oscillates on the frequency which is determined through the dimensions of the quartz blank. Overtone crystals function at moreover the 3rd, 5th, or 7th multiple of the primary. The crystal is particularly designed to work in these modes.

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